Fixing a Problem Starts With ACKNOWLEDGING There IS a Problem.

Please, can we just STOP doing this?...

Please, can we just STOP doing this?…

Home performance is failing, yet there is a large contingent unwilling to acknowledge it is failing.

It is failing to scale.

It is failing to serve consumers.

It is failing to serve contractors.

It fails to deliver on promise, and therefore fails to gain consumer trust, and thus fails to gain meaningful market share.

David Margalit, COO of NYSERDA in a discussion about the NY HPwES program conveyed these numbers – At 6,000,000 homes, 6,000 projects a year* with essentially no growth means it takes 1,000 years to get through the inventory.

Until we change the tone of the conversation from false cheer to honest criticism, we are stuck. This cowardly “fear” of addressing elephants in rooms is going to sink all of us. Things don’t get fixed until there is consensus that they are broken. With that in mind, here are some links that support how Home Performance is broken:

HP Programs clearly don’t know how to save energy, much less do it with the accuracy and precision that leads to high consumer satisfaction.


Consumer trust and satisfaction drive capitalistic markets. Unfortunately, these programs are basically communistic and administrators don’t seem to understand or trust capitalism.

We need programs to stop dictating and paying for measures, and start simply paying for outcomes.

This will mean we must begin to actually measure outcomes…