Does 30 years of Golf Make One an Expert or a Pro?

Imagine taking golf lessons as a young child. Having unfettered access to a golf course a block from your house. Unlimited free balls on the range.

Now imagine the sport never “clicking” into place. The satisfying feeling of really connecting with the ball and sending it straight and far being the exception rather than the rule. Imagine having parental pressure early, then later playing with friends, always at least one lost ball, rarely breaking 100. This is my 30 year experience with golf.

Would you call me an Expert? Would you call me a pro? If I said; “I’ve been doing this for 30 years” does that imply qualifications that don’t exist?

Now imagine a version of Golf where you never keep score. In fact, you don’t even watch where your ball lands. You take a swing at the ball, and so long as you don’t completely miss the thing you claim a hole in one and move on. Pro and Expert status are deemed from “time under your belt”.

This is the current state of the Home Performance, Insulation, and HVAC Industries. Very very few watch where their shots land, and most claim they are Tiger Woods.

If you are in one of these industries, have you ever kept track of your shots? For how many holes? Let’s see some of your scorecards.

Image Credit: Wikipedia